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      "I was," answered Shorty, giving him a meaning look.He began bustling about with more activity, and giving his orders in a louder voice. He saw Pete Skidmore pick up what had been once a militia officer's gaudy coat, and examine it curiously. He shouted at him:

      "Only be too glad of the dooty, sir," answered Si, saluting. "It'll give the boys something to think of besides hanging guerrillas. Besides, they're just crazy to git hold o' guns. Where kin I git muskets for 'em?"

      The boy could scarcely wait for the cooling, and his swimming eyes expressed a gratitude that no words could convey.

      "No, yo' hain't gwine t' make a durned fool o' yourself. Wait a minute. Hit's a-comin' nigher, an' soon you kin hit it with a rock. I'll jest do hit t' show yo how skeery yo' air. Le'me look around an' find a good rock t' throw. If I kin find jest the right kind I kin hit a yallerhammer at that distance.""As a hobby," Dodd said flatly.


      "Stop firing. What are you shooting at?" said a voice of authority in the rebel works. "Who gave the order to fire?"