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      "What are you two girls going to wear?" he asked. "At least, I don't think I need ask Isola that question. You'll wear your wedding-gown, of course, love?" he added, turning to his wife.

      CHAPTER XIX.Do they? she said, quietly.

      I thought so, she said, thoughtfully. What is your name?It was a lovely spring day, and as she looked at the trees and listened to the birds, she thought, very naturally, of Three Star and the folk she had left behind her. She had already written to Varley Howard, and was wondering how soon she could get an answer. She wanted to know how they all were, and if they missed her. Twice in the curiously spelled letter she had reminded her old guardian of his promise to take her back if she should be unhappy.

      There was perfect stillness in the room. Isola had been lying with closed eyes a little time before, and he fancied that she was sleeping.


      Im feared he be, she said. Hes in a kind o fever through havin that bullet in him so long. After a pause she remarked: Hes main pretty to look at, aint he, Ralda? Like a girl amost, with them eyes and that hair."It is a book you gave me years ago at Dinan," she answered, looking at him piteously. "'Hero Worship.' Don't you remember? I had never read anything of Carlyle's before then. You taught me to like him."


      But I know all now. Ever since I found out the truth I have been thinkingthinking until I thought I should go mad! All the way here, while you thought I was asleep, I was going over it all, and my eyes were opened, and II understood! It was the money you wanted; and not only you, but the duke, and Lord Selvaine, and Lilias Her voice grew thick.He watched her closely as she spoke, watched her with his hand upon hers, which was cold as ice. He had heard such words before from the early doomed, but they had been accompanied by religious exaltation; they had been the outpouring of a faith that saw the gates of heaven opened and the Son of man sitting in gloryof a love that longed to be with God. Here there was no sign of hope or exaltation. There were only the tokens of despair.


      It is false, false! she said, almost inaudibly; for Lady Adas voice was ringing in her ears and drowning her own. I do not believe you! I know that you do not love me! Nothing you could say could convince menothing, nothing!