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      To the left, deep down within the hills, lay the little har[Pg 223]bour of San Remo, with its rugged stone pier and its shabby old houses, and the old, old town climbing up the steep ascent to that isolated point where the white dome of the Sanctuary shone out against the milky azure of the noontide sky; and further and further away stretched the long line of the olive-clothed hills, to the purple distance, where the seamen's church of Madonna della Guardia stands boldly out between sky and sea, as if it were a half-way house on the road to heaven.

      The Comte dArtois flew into a passion with Turgot, who went to the King and laid the matter before him.

      The next day M. Hartoff called at the residence of M. Kannegiesser, and informed him that the ministers, understanding that he designed to ask an audience to-morrow to remind them64 of the answer which he demanded, wished to say that such applications were not customary among sovereign princes; that they dared not treat farther in that affair with him; that, as soon as they received instructions from his Britannic majesty, they would communicate to him the result.

      "Only for an instant. He passed my sister and me yesterday evening in the moonlight. I thought he looked a nice personbut I think women have a natural leaning towards sailors. I could never imagine a seaman telling a falsehood or doing a mean action."

      They found a farm, settled themselves in it, and after a time M. de Montagu was added to the household, [250] for he came to see his wife, and their joy at meeting so touched Mme. de Tess, that she said he had better stay altogether.

      Well! Very well! But he has begun too low down, he will have no room for the legs.


      There was a touching simplicity in her speech, mingled with a slight flavour of audacity, as of an emancipated young woman, which amused her lover, reminding him of a heroine of Murger's, or Musset's, a brave little grisette, who was willing to work hard for the mnage deux, and who wanted nothing from her lover but love. He looked into the candid face, radiant in the fire-glow, and he told himself that this was just the one woman for whom his heart had kept itself empty, like a temple waiting for its god, in all the years of his manhood. And now the temple doors had opened wide, the gates had been lifted up, and the goddess had marched to her place, triumphant and all-conquering.Paul I.Terror he inspiredDeath of the mother of Mme. Le BrunMarriage of her daughterMoscowThe Tsarevitch AlexanderAssassination of Paul I.I salute my EmperorMme. Le Brun returns to ParisChangesLondonLife in EnglandParisSeparated from M. Le BrunSociety during the EmpireCaroline MuratSwitzerlandFall of the EmpireRestorationDeath of M. Le BrunOf her daughterTravels in FranceHer niecesConclusion.


      "I see you are anxious to be on your way home, Mrs. Disney," said Lostwithiel, who had nothing to do but watch her face, such an expressive face at all times, so picturesquely beautiful when touched by the flickering light of the wood fire. "If you were to wait for fine weather you might be here all night, and your good people at home would be frantic. I'll order a carriage, and you can be at home in three-quarters of an hour."