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      "Room enough and to spare," he said. "I shan't feel half so jovial walking up and down those grim old rooms as I feel here. I shall fancy a ghost pacing behind me, clump, clump, clumpa slow, solemn footsteponly the echo of my own tread perhaps; but I shall never know, for I shall be afraid to look round.""But you came from London on that day. You remember that?"

      Yes, I can ride and shoot and swimand thats about all, said Esmeralda. Can you play the piano? I should like to hear you, if youre not tired, she added, glancing at her ladyships half-closed eyes and indolent attitude.

      She thought this over.

      Aving brought you two gentlemen together, Ill go back to the boys, he said. Well, Miss Esmeralda, if I take anything at all, itll be just two fingers.Yes, he said, impassively. I have just won her.




      A dozen men started for the bar, and one secured some whisky and thrust it into Bills hand.


      He smiled.Miss Chetwynde is ready to start when you are, said Varley in his quiet way.