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      "And how did the world use you, Isola?" he asked presently. "Was everybody kind?"No, he said, quietly; and yet Ive made diligent inquiry. But all the same, the time may come when you will be owned and walked off. You see, you may be a princess in disguisethough I dont think it very probableand a princess who couldnt read or write would be somewhat of an appalling novelty.

      I replied to the King that this would be all the easier to me as I had no greater wish than to be on good terms with my brother and sister-in-law; adding: I know the respect which I owe your Majesty, and that which the heir to the throne has a right to expect from me; in which I hope never to be accused of having failed.

      The life of luxurious splendour and open scandal Tallien led with his mistress irritated him nearly as much as the escape of the victims so frequently spared by his mercy, or rather by the all-powerful influence of the woman to whom all Bordeaux now looked for help and protection; besides which the popularity they both enjoyed at Bordeaux excited his jealous uneasiness.

      Lostwithiel smiled his slow secret smile high up in the fainter firelight. He was reflecting upon his notion of Miss Crowther's great-grandmother, in linsey-wolsey, with a lavender print apron, a costume that would be hardly impressive at a Hunt Ball. He did not give the young lady credit for a great-grandmother from the Society point of view. There was the mother yonderinoffensive respectabilitythe grandmother would be humblerand the great-grandmother he imagined at the wash-tub, or cooking the noontide meal for an artisan husband. He had never yet[Pg 46] realized the idea of numerous generations of middle-class life upon the same plane, the same dead level of prosperous commerce.


      I love you, Esmeralda! he said. He was on one knee by her side and had got possession of her hand. Wont you speak to me? Are you angry? Speak to me, Esmeralda. Tell me that I may go on loving you.Lostwithiel took the proffered cup of tea, and planted himself near Mrs. Disney, with his back against the marble caryatid which bore up one-half of the chimney-piece. Alicia began to talk to him about his yacht. How were the repairs going on? and so on, and so on, delighted to air her technical knowledge. He answered her somewhat languidly, as if the Vendetta were not first in his thoughts at this particular moment.



      Lady Wyndover shook her head confidently.The lady was fairbut genuinely, not artistically fair, like Lady Wyndoverand she was so graceful and supple that she seemed part and parcel of the horse on which she rode. And there was a kind of proud, imperial air about her which struck Esmeralda, though she did not fully grasp it.


      "I'm rather sorry we accepted the Glenaveril invitation," he said to Isola. "The man is such an unmitigated cad."