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      His heart swelled with gladness and gratitude as he contemplated mother and son. Yes, the child had made all things well in his home.It was stupid and ungrateful of me not to remember you the other night, she said. Will you forgive me, Miss Chetwynde, and let me thank you again? I know you saved me from what might have been a very serious accident.

      Esmeralda did not drop the reins, did not remove her eyes from the horses, but the blood rushed to her face, and her lips parted as if he had deprived her of breath.

      "The world would be no place for me without my wife," he said. "And so you would like to see Rome, Isa? What has put that fancy into your head?"

      They alighted in the road by the tomb a few minutes afterwards. Allegra's note-book was out immediately, a true artist's book, crammed with every conceivable form of artistic reminiscence.





      Her vivacity gave a new element of brightness to the Angler's Rest, where Disney had been somewhat oppressed by the sensation of intense repose which had pervaded his tte--tte life with Isola. He loved his wife so entirely, so unselfishly, and devotedly, that it was happiness to him to be with her; yet in the three or four weeks that had gone by since his return he had struggled in vain against the feeling that there was something wanting in his home. Isola waited upon him and deferred to him with more than wifely submissiveness. He would have liked a spurt of rebellion once in a way, a little burst of girlish temper, just to show that she was human; but none ever came. His every desire was anticipated. Whatever plan he suggestedto walk, to drive, to visit, or not to visitthe river or the seawas always the plan that pleased her best, or at least she said so.