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      Norman nodded again.Only grief can ease me while those lashes languish.

      The debate had ended. He gave the conductor a dismissing nod that sent him, with a signalling hand thrown high, smartly away toward the locomotive. The universal clatter and flutter redoubled. The bell was sounding and Mandeville was hotly shaking hands with Flora, Miranda, all. The train stirred, groaned, crept, faltered, crept on--on--one's brain tingled to the cheers, and women were crying again.

      "What, dear?" In secret panic Anna came and looked out at Flora's side caressingly.I will try to do so, he said. You may trust me. Never by word or look will I ever remind you that we are husband and wife. That I can promise you.

      "Oh, but surely he meant no--"

      It is early, my lord; but the boy who brought it said it had come as soon as the office was open.

      "It doesn't belittle him," cried Charlie. "That's the joke. It makes him loom larger!""Till I'm sure I don't want him!" sang the girl.


      She went out on to the corridor, not stealthily, though her footfall made no sound on the thick piled carpet. She wished to leave Belfayre unseen and unheard; but, though every man and woman had stood in her way and tried to bar her progress, she would have walked through them; no one should stop her.Gently she came and took her rescuer's hands: "Dear child! If--if while there was yet time--I had only got a certain word to--him--you know? But, ah, me! I keep it idle yet; a secret, Victorine, a secret worth our three lives! oh, three times three hundred lives! Even now--"


      To this effect, though written with a daintier pen, were certain lines but a few hours old, that twenty-fourth of April, in a diary which through many months had received many entries since the one that has already told us of its writer paired at Doctor Sevier's dinner-party with a guest now missing, and of her hearing, in the starlight with that guest, the newsboys' cry that his and her own city's own Beauregard had opened fire on Fort Sumter and begun this war--which now behold!


      She will never come back, said Norman.