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      The lines danced before her eyes. She looked at them as if she could not believe the reality of their existenceas a man might look who had unexpectedly come upon a rare gem; or as a woman might look who had suddenly found ready to her hand a weapon with which she could strike a hated foe to the very heart.Perhaps not, she said; but they are one and all in love with his titlewith his position. It is a great thing to be the Duchess of Belfayre.

      The last parting was with Mandeville, at the levee-road gate, just below which he lived in what, during the indigo-planter's life, had been the overseer's cottage. At a fine stride our artillerist started townward, his horse being stabled near by in that direction. But presently he halted, harkened after the Creole's receding step, thought long, softly called himself names, and then did a small thing which, although it resulted in nothing tragic at the time, marked a turning point in his life. He leapt the grove fence, returned to the shadows of the garden, and silently made his way to its eastern, down-river side. Already the dwelling's lower lights were going out while none yet shone above, and he paused in deep shade far enough away to see, over its upper veranda's edge, the tops of its chamber windows.Put this on, he said.

      "And absence and distance and rumor try his unsupported constancy?"Yes. A strange duchess, Varley! She laughed sadly. But all thats done with now. I have left it all behind, never to go back to it. I want to be plain Esmeralda of Three Star once moreEsmeralda Howard, Varley, if you will have me. Im going to be just as I was beforebefore I went away. Ah, how I wish I had never gone! Everybodyyou and Mother Melinda, and all the boysloved me and were good to me, though I was only a poor girl without even a name.

      Does this arrangement meet with your approval?"Oh, yes, yes, yes!" cried Constance, overhearing. (Whatever did not begin with oh, those times, began with ah.)

      II CARRIAGE COMPANYAnna "thought the name was all from the song."

      I am bewildered, dazed! she wailed. Give me time to think! It is soso sudden!

      Are you fond of reading? he asked."Why, Miss Anna, if I were a woman, and any man--with war coming on--could endure to hang back at home for love of me, I should feel--"


      I do not know, said Trafford.


      If you remember, continued the duke in his soft voice, and with the same smile and manner, that gentleman made an elaborate plan for transforming the bay into a watering-place.The cost? said the duke, easily. It was estimated, I believe, by the talented gentleman who formulated the scheme. I have no doubt the cost would be large, butwith a smileI do not see why that should be any obstacle. Similar developments have been made on other estates, and I imagine that what Levonshire and Radogan have done we can do.


      Esmeralda was placed on the dukes right, and his grace exerted himself to entertain the two ladies as he had not done[133] for years; but after awhile he devoted himself to Esmeralda. He could see her loveliness more distinctly in the soft candle-light, and the Belfayres were quick to appreciate feminine beauty. He noticed, as Lilias had done, the sweetness and clearness of her voice, and her unconventional frankness and candor charmed him. She was not awed for a moment by her surroundingsas it must be confessed Lady Wyndover wasand she talked freely. Trafford heard his fathers rare laugh more than once, and once he saw his grace bend forward, and lay his hand upon Esmeraldas.[61]