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      "Dearest, the plainest Christian rites are enough, if they but make us one."

      "I can answer for my wife's conduct, sir, under all circumstances, and amidst all surroundings. You are the first person who has ever dared to cast a slur upon her, and it shall not be my fault if you are not the last. I tell you again, to your face, that you are a coward and a liara coward because you are insolent to a young and lovely woman, and a liar because you insinuate evil against her which you are not able to substantiate."

      "I think the situation most lovely."

      Have you found means to conciliate her? asked the Princess amidst the laughter aroused by this speech.


      One after another I made my salaam to Siva, seated on a peacock; to Ganesa, looking calm and knowing; to Parvati, riding a bull; to Siva again, this time pinning a dragon to the ground with a fork, a writhing reptile with gaping jaws and outspread wings; the same god again, with a child in[Pg 121] his arms; and again, holding his leg like a musket up against his shoulder with one of his four hands, the other three lifting a bull, a sceptre, and a trophy of weapons above his head.


      THERE was a striking contrast between the position of Louis XVI. and that of his predecessors on the throne of France.


      "The Mount is only delightfulI might say endurablewhen I have neighbours at the Angler's Nest."With the same religious and political principles, the conditions of life which surrounded the Marquise de Montagu were totally different. A contrast indeed to the simple, artistic household, the early grief, poverty, and hard work, the odious step-father, the foolish mother, the worthless husband and daughter, the thousand difficulties and disadvantages which beset Mme. Le Brun, were the state and luxury, the sheltered life, the watchful care, and powerful protection bestowed upon the daughter of the house of Noailles; her mother, the saintly, [ix] heroic Duchesse dAyen, her husband the gallant, devoted Marquis de Montagu.