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      "Captain, le' me go along," pleaded Si. "You never knowed me to fall out, did you?"

      "Come to see my little house some day?""What else did Mr. Keesing tell you?" she asked scornfully.

      "But just at the moment I haven't it by me."

      A note of pleased excitement crept into Pendleton's voice. "You have been with him all day?"

      "Yes, sir, an' I want to go in right offno more foolin' around," she answered tartly.

      "Must grow funny kind o' hogs out therea mile long each, I should say. What do you mean?"




      Six feet at a jump, with thumping hearts and bulging eyes, the fugitives almost flew over the ground, throwing quick glances at their pursuers, and then ahead, in the hope of catching a glimpse of succor."Shorty," said Si, as they plodded alongside the road, with a rail on one shoulder and a gun on the other, "I really believe that this is the toughest day we've had yet. What d'you s'pose father and mother'd say if they could see us?"